Dominion New Releases

We are now taking notes of interest in the new dominion box set. 

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book

You can pre-order the Limited Edition book Core Book on its own from the 19th – perfect if you’re splitting the box and want an extra copy or if you’re collecting other armies. The Core Book’s also available in standard hardback, giving you three different options to get your hands on it – the Dominion edition with full-art cover, the limited edition, and the standalone hardback edition.

General’s Handbook 

Pitched Battles 2021 and Pitched Battle Profiles 2021

Path to Glory Diary 

The Path to Glory system has been completely overhauled and expanded for the new edition.

Realmscape Objective Set

This set of six scenery pieces represents the trappings of a Dawnbringer Crusade settlement. Mark objectives during your games or use them to add some Era of the Beast spice to your games.

Realmscape: Ghurish Expanse

This pair of reversible fold-out gaming boards have swamplands on one side and an arid wasteland on the other – all the better to show your games take place in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts.

Combat Gauge

Metal combat gauge with gold-effect finish. 

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